Econet® Premium - The smart solution for efficient energy recovery and truly hygienic air quality

The new Econet Premium round around coil energy recovery system for our eQ Master and eQL modular Air Handling Units is the intelligent solution for efficient energy recovery and guarantees no cross contamination or odor transfer.

Run around coil recovery systems is the only choice for 0% cross contamination between the supply and extract air streams. In a run around coil system the heat recovery is done though a liquid coupled coil circuit. One coil is placed in each air stream. When the coils are placed in modular casing blocks the air streams are 100% separated. It is normal to use compact casing with both air stream in the same casing, same door and panel but separated by a middle floor. However these casings cannot guarantee 0% cross contamination and Eurovent allows for 0,5% leakage and still be within L2 tightness class. What will happen after 5-10 years when seals are worn? With more than 400 units delivered, Econet this solution is future proof already today!

There are many building types and application which will benefit from 0% cross contamination such as hygiene applications like hospitals and pharma industries but also residential applications like multi-dwellings benefit from allowing no risk of odor transfer from cooking or bathrooms. In fact with Econet it will be possible to recover heat from part of the buildings which is normally not used for heat recovery such as garages and restaurants kitchens. This will increase the energy performance of the building.

Another big benefit with Econet is the flexibility to connect with different sources for heating and cooling. The complete heating and cooling system of the building can be optimized. Thanks to the intelligent controls system and efficient coils it is possible to use heating of lower temperature than for a normal post heating coil. Ex. district heating return temperature, waste heat from factories , supermarket fridge, etc. or ground heating. Econet can be adopted to low cost heating.

For cooling it is possible to use cooling water at higher temperatures compared to after cooling coil. This enable higher evaporation temperature in the chiller, which saves the installation cost up to 25%.

Econet is also ideal for district cooling system since it can work on higher temperatures. This enables higher return temperatures to the district cooling plant, which is very favorable for the cooling supplier.

Learn more about how eQ Master Air Handling Units combined with Econet Premium can be of benefit for your projects please contact your local representative.